Refer A Friend


You may not realize this, but we do very little traditional marketing. New members come from you telling your friends and family. And we like it that way. We know when you refer someone, they probably have similar goals as you. As a member, I'm sure your goals align with CrossFit Ashland which is to get better everyday.

We want to build our membership with people wanting to get better everyday. People like you. So, we're working to make it easier for your friends and family to get started. If you know someone that would like to try CrossFit Ashland, they will get 50% off their first month with no commitment. That way, they'll have a full 30 days to try it to see if it's for them. 

We know you don't require we give you anything to refer a friend, but as a thank you, I'd like to give you a $50 CrossFit Ashland credit for each person you refer.