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As CrossFitters we know that fitness and health are deeply interconnected. At CrossFit Ashland we don’t just seek to offer a good workout, but to offer ways to fully optimize our clients fitness and health potential. In pursuit of these goals we are offering club based access to affordable direct healthcare with a growing group of like minded providers for a synergistic team approach to managing health and fitness.

FitPlus Club Dues: $20/month

Benefits: FitPlus Club membership grants club members access to our network of healthcare providers at exclusive discount prices.

Chiropractic appointments with DC. Josh Fine for $20

Chiropractic services consist of history, physical exam and diagnosis, as well as soft tissue therapies (deep tissue massage, Graston™ Technique, Kinesio™ Taping, etc.), physiotherapies (heat/cold, electrostim, low‐level laser therapy, etc.), and chiropractic manipulative therapies (adjusting, mobilization, etc.). Dr Fine is also Rock Tape certified and has his Crossfit level 1 certification.

Family Nurse Practitioner appointments with FNP Jen Chew for $25

General family practice healthcare services consist of history, physical exam and diagnosis, lifestyle analysis, as well as proscribing for and interpreting other healthcare services, x-rays, blood panels, etc…

Access to future practitioners in our network as they come on. Massage will be added next week!